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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Policy 

We at Bentilia chose to sell directly to consumers via the Internet for multiple reasons and the best reason was to be able to communicate directly one-on-one with our partners, you the consumer and the second best is being able to give the best possible price for a quality innovative product.


In todays competitive marketplace, small independent food manufacturers have many challenges and the biggest is getting their product out to its consumers at an affordable price. A price that allows us (consumers) to enjoy the fruits of innovation but often enough or almost always, new products do not make it to the marketplace due to high costs of distribution and additional retailing costs.


So in order to make it in this tough market place we decided to go directly to you! The only issue with going direct are shipping costs, but we have a solution and that is selling by the case. Now having to buy by the case means you have to dish-out a lot of money for a product you haven’t even tried yet however we believe so much in our product that we are guaranteeing it! Yes, you read right, if you are not happy with it, simply email us and we’ll pick it up just as long you follow these simple rules:

-- 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Policy --


  1. Proof of purchase.

  2. The product be purchase through AMAZON or directly in the Bentilia Shop, it cannot be purchased through a reseller.

  3. Bulk Cases – you must return 90% (4.5lbs) of the product in its original box.

  4. 12 Pack Case – you must return 11 bags in its original box.

  5. Provide a brief description on why you are returning our fabulously delicious 100% natural non-GMO Bentilia Lentil & Bean pasta.