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Our Story

 was founded on one simple idea: “To Change the World Through Food”. In that effect to put an end to hunger on the planet and to provide more nutritious food to everyone.

As an integration of an exponentially growing movement to aid our planet and the food industry, one of our founders Alnoor came to a realization that the saying “You are what you eat”  has a lot of truth to it. After developing several health issues, Alnoor underwent an entire year of testing and clinical trials only to find that the healthcare system was unable to diagnose a real issue or solution. The final prognosis using allopathic medicine, was a pill with a side effect of vision loss. Realizing that there had to be more solutions that could aid and even prevent the proliferation of disease led Alnoor to the “AH-HA” moment into which he coincided with the fact, that if computers can give a diagnosis to its’ system issues, the human body must work in an even more intricate manner. Alnoor then began his journey of researching and reevaluating all aspects of his life which led to a simple change in his diet; plant based. The shift to a plant-based diet allowed Alnoor to reverse engineer his ailments and has not looked back since. We are what we eat, just like a car needs specific fluids and maintenance our bodies need specific nutrients and maintenance.

Since the creation of Bentilia, Alnoor has partnered with many experts and observed how diseases affect just about everyone. Alnoor soon realized his goal was to educate humanity that you can in fact change your life through food. To educate everyone about the healing properties of food and bridge the gap between our health and what we eat. With the help of many professionals in the medical field, his quest led to the creation of food that is not only fantastic to eat but also highly nutritious.

But where do you start to create highly nutritious food? Aren’t all foods the same? Our global food system has been saturated with conflicting information that would require years of research. That is why it is our belief at Bentilia to bridge that gap and provide knowledge and resources to everyone looking to life a healthier and holistic life. Through our research, we have found that legumes were the highest source of vitamins, minerals, and health benefits without altering its biological structure. Legumes are also more sustainable than that of any animal by-products. According to a study published by the scientific journal Climatic Change, if we replaced beef with beans, we would achieve more than half of our greenhouse gas reduction goals. We would also free up over 40% of cropland for more sustainable alternatives.

Over the years, Alnoor has networked with many individuals that share his vision and values, and partnered with Jacky Dallaire and Stephanie Nadeau. Jacky and Stephanie both became consciously aware of the food industry through many documentaries and research about the food we eat, the effects of food processing, and its environmental impacts. Being a family with 4 small children, Jacky and Stephanie have learned and adopted a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious. They have always thought about the bigger picture and learned to think outside of the box. From there, they committed to creating an impact not only for their kids but for everyone and the generations to come.

Bentilia is an ally, and supporter of companies such as; Vida AI that pioneers technology to educate and provide health change. The Plantrician Project that bases importance on plant-based diets and donating to Deepa's pantry (also a plant-based organization).

Bentilia also is an advocate and donates to food banks and assistance programs such as Three Square and Life for Lives to help communities have access to nutritious and sustainable foods.