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Join the Bentilia Reseller Program Today and Start Promoting a Most Healthy Food Option to Your Customers. Bentilia Pasta, made with only 1 ingredient, loaded with natural protein, non-soluble and soluble prebiotic fiber and a long list of vitamins and deep minerals.​

We are looking for a whole lot of Health Professionals like yourself to help us promote our 100% Natural Non-GMO Lentil & Bean Pasta


Our 2016 Goal is to have 1 million individuals with your help eating our Miracle Food on a weekly basis and there is no reason why we cannot achieve this goal together.


HEALTH ISSUES Everyone with health issues should be made aware that a simple change in what we eat can make all the difference in the world. On average, America eats pasta 2 times a week and the younger they are the more they eat. By changing the consumption habit of simple wheat carb pasta to Starch Resistant Lentil & Bean pasta the impact on health will be significant in a very short period of time. Forget about the pasta being Gluten Free because its way more than that -











Checkout this video from Dr. Gregeron NutritionFacts.Org,

you will be amazed by what was recently discovered.


There are so many more reasons, so why not download our FAQ to learn more on the health benefits and our Drop Ship Program.

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